"I had a 540ci blown big block Chevelle on the dyno with dual 4” exhaust. You couldn’t hear it at WOT outside the building. The engine builder continued to make pulls until midnight and no neighbors had any idea. This is an extremely loud street car. The kind you can hear a half mile away when it idles. With a very rich initial jetting it was blowing black smoke out of the exhaust. You couldn’t smell any fumes in the room whatsoever. In the back yard all you could smell was C16. We pull anywhere from 2-10 cars a week for full tuning purposes and there isn’t a single customer or visitor to the shop who isn’t completely taken back by the cell. I’m personally still amazed each time I watch the weather station information when the door closes and the fan is on… "

Matt Hill, Matt Hill Motorsports, LLC





•  Typical size is 14’-0” x 30’-0” x 10’-4” high.

 Optional: Any size or height to fit your needs.


•  Wall panel construction is NBL QuietMod H/P 42, STC 42 panels. The interior and exterior skins are solid.

 Optional Feature: Cleanable Sound Absorption Panels for Walls.


•  Ceiling panel construction is NBL QuietMod H/P 42, STC 42 panels. The interior skin is perforated. The exterior skin is solid.

Optional Construction: The wall panels can be constructed of NBL QuietMod H/P 44 panels.

Optional Feature: Panels can be constructed with Panel Fill Protection, to prevent oil mist accumulation in the acoustic fill.


•  Quantity one (1) 120” x 96” high STC 50, double-leaf cam-lift hinge vehicle access door between the shop and the Dynamometer Test Cell.

Optional Sizes: We can provide single leaf personnel doors and larger vehicle entrance doors upon request.


•  Quantity one (1) 43” x 42” high double glazed window using ¼” lsg. glazing.

Optional: Other sizes and bullet resistant glazing are available.


•Roof load capability is 34psf. Roof is not designed for storage but can support men walking on it.

Optional Feature: Roof can be designed for storage.


•  Spangled galvanized construction.

Optional: Prime or powder coat finish painting.


•  Silenced intake and exhaust plenums, with Tubeaxial Fan(s).

Optional: greater or lesser cfm ventilation systems are available.

Optional Feature: We can provide an acoustic chase so the plenum can be located outside of the host building.


•Electrical system by others.

Optional: Quoted upon request.


•Complete installation drawings, instructions and “Step-by-Step” sketches.

Optional: Installation service quoted upon request.



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