If you decide to construct your test cell out of standard building materials, Soundmaster offers a complete line acoustical curtain barrier materials, duct and pipe lagging and wall and ceiling vibration isolation sway braces and hangers.


1: Acoustical Duct and Pipe Lagging

Acoustical duct and pipe lagging is designed to reduce noises that “flank” through light guage sheet metal ductwork and piping in your ventilation system. It can be used to wrap metal or plastic pipes.


Acoustical Duct and Pipe Lagging feature:

•  1 lb./sq.ft. material.

•  Reinforced foil scrim readily accepts matching tape for ease of installation.

•  Available with 2” quilted fiberglass absorber to decouple the barrier material from your ductwork.

•  Meets Class “A” flammability rating per ASTM E-84.

•  Suitable for low and high temperature applications.


2: Isolation Materials

When building a dyno test cell out of standard materials sucha s drywall or masonry, it is critical to take additional measures to ensure the room will provide adequate noise reduction. Isolation materials and sway braces are a cost effective way of ensuring that walls and ceiling materials are decoupled from your existing facility. This will greatly reduce noise transmission thru the walls and ceiling. By building a room-within-a-room with a high mass, isolated ceiling a great deal more noise reduction can be achieved.


Isolation Materials include:

•  Resilient load-bearing partition underlayment.

•  Wall to wall isolated sway braces.

•  Top of wall sway braces.

•  Ceiling isolation hangers.


Regardless of how well you build your dyno test cell, if you do not incorporate sound control doors and windows and a silenced ventilation system into your design, you will not achieve the noise reduction you need. Please review the other sound control components we offer on this website. Then, give us a call and we can assist you in building a first class, sound controlled test facility.



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