*The correct ventilation is critical to employee safety and performing accurate dynamometer test runs.


•  Typical size is 12’-0” x 16’-0” x 8’-4” high.

Optional: Any size or height to fit your needs.


•  Wall and Ceiling panel construction is NBL QuietMod H/P 42, STC 42 panels. The interior skin is perforated. The exterior skin is solid.

Optional Construction: The wall panels can be constructed of 16 gauge solid skins providing an STC of 50.

Optional Feature: The panels can include Panel Fill Protection, “poly-line with spacer” to prevent oil mist accumulation in the acoustic fill.


•  Quantity one (1) 72” x 84” high STC 50, double-leaf cam-lift hinge access door between the shop and the Dynamometer Test Cell.

Optional Sizes: We can provide a 60” wide double leaf door.


•  Quantity one (1) 91” x 42” high double glazed window using ¼” lsg. glazing.

Optional: Other sizes and bullet resistant glazing are available.


•  Roof load capability is 34psf. Roof is not designed for storage but can support men walking on it.

Optional Feature: Roof can be designed for storage.


•  Spangled galvanized construction.

Optional: Prime or powder coat finish painting.


•  Silenced intake and exhaust plenums, with Tubeaxial Fan(s).


•  Electrical system by others.

Optional: Quoted upon request.


•  Complete installation drawings, instructions and “Step-by-Step” sketches.

Optional: Installation service quoted upon request.



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