If your existing test cell is constructed out of hard surfaces such as drywall or masonry you have a reverberant room. As noise bounces off of the walls and the ceiling it increases. In a reverberant room noise levels can increase by as much as 10 dBA. This makes the noise sound twice as loud!


Sound absorption panels will reduce reverberant noise build up. If there is less noise in your test cell there is less noise that can leak out and disturb your facility.


Typical NB II sound absorption panels are 18” wide x 96” high and 2” thick, with an NRC of .85

Typical NB IV sound absorption panels are 14” wide x 96” high and 4” thick, with an NRC of 1.05


Noise Barriers, LLC. Panels Feature:


•  Constructed of rugged perforated metal over a sound absorptive core.

•  The acoustic core can be encapsulated in an acoustically transparent poly bag to prevent oil absorption.

•  Top and bottom mounting brackets, painted to match the panels, are designed to permit easy removal of panels for cleaning.

•  Galvanized or finish painted using a polyester powder coat process that even covers the edges of the perforations. This means the panels can be washed or hosed down in the event of an oil leak.


Noise Barriers, LLC. absorption panels are an excellent product for reducing reverberant noise and echo anywhere in your facility.



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